Since as early as I can remember, I’ve always drawn, colored, and painted. I would draw and go on imaginary adventures and lose track of time. As a teen I used my creativity in graffiti and silk screen printing. Then as a young adult moving to Paris, France for structured training and learning. My work uses aspects of figurative, abstract, and realism. I like to move between each to formulate my style. To this end I paint with numerous mediums in an alla prima style. In a spontaneous and physical way, moving back and forth across the painting surface, making marks. I start by introducing color, shapes or line, then respond to their development. I move these elements around, adding and removing paint in multiple layers. The work pushes and pulls itself to completion sometime leaving a message and sometimes leaving a symbol.
The paintings are conjured in a search for truth. From subtle conversations or interactions, I'm moved to paint. The paint is applied and constructed heavily like a sculpture on the canvas' surface. The paintings mix a feeling of the ancient with the contemporary. The additive and subtractive nature of the process of their creation furthers this quality. The paintings present as realistic, abstract, figurative, and conceptual. They are sending a message of humanity..